From start to finish EDO LINE EXPRESS makes sure client shipments arrive safely and on time.

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EDO LINE EXPRESS, LLC. is a 360 degree shipping, transport and logistics company dedicated to serving clients who demand consistently outstanding service. With offices and hubs across the continental United States and headquarters strategically located in the major energy and port city of Houston Tx clients from across the globe rely on EDO LINE EXPRESS for freight and logistics services. 

Key services offered by EDO LINE EXPRESS include supply chain management, freight shipping and forwarding, international shipping compliance and international and domestic logistics. 

Since 2001 EDO LINE EXPRESS has grown into a full scale and full service logistics group, able to service shipments and clients of all sizes and needs. Please browse our website for more information and contact us directly with questions or for more information.

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“We ensure that your supply chain needs are met without delays and with precision. We stick to our goal in getting your time - critical freight delivered promptly and with care – every time”


“To compete with the global market, the team at EDO LINE EXPRESS, LLC takes great strides to ensure our shipping rates and service offerings are affordably priced, lowering your total cost to ship.”


“Move your freight with a company fully dedicated to the quality and safety of your cargo. At EDO LINE EXPRESS, LLC our aim is to be known as a company of strong values.”


“We offer real-time tracking and updates so you could relax and know where your goods are any time and day.”

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EDO LINE EXPRESS, LLC handles all your back office needs while you concentrate on driving. Outsourcing back office can save drivers time and money, limiting the number of missed loads.


The business goal of EDO LINE EXPRESS, LLC is to oversee and plan the movement of goods from the supplier’s location to the consumer’s hand. taking into account providing the desired level of service and quality at the lowest cost.

An opportunity to fly high with our Freight Broking company.​

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We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 35 years!